[nycbug-talk] OT: Hello, My name is Don Tran, I am a LULA & UUASC Member

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Wed Aug 18 19:53:33 EDT 2004

Hello, My name is Don Tran, I am a LULA (Linux Users of LA) & UUASC (Unix Users Assoc. of SO. CA) Member

One of our UUASC members suggested I try your group.
May I please post the Intro and bottom message to your user group members?


My name is Don Tran and I am an MBA candidate at CSU Cal-Poly Pomona, at the School
of Business PMBA program. 

I am desperately seeking respondants for my online MBA survey on Identity Theft 
and Internet Security. 

I am asking for permission to post or forward the following below letter to your

The thesis survey is about Identity Theft and Internet security. It should take 
about 4 minutes to do. 

The questions are very generic. e.g. do you use a firewall, do you use encryption,
do you use virus scan. It does not ask for any individual names or company names.

The Professor and I tried to word it to not be intrusive. 

The Chair for my thesis is Dr. Robert Schaffer, of the Marketing department/ School
of Business. this is his email for authenticity. rwschaffer at csupomona.edu. 

The Co-Chair or second reader is Dr. Rhonda Rhodes, from the TOM (Techinical Operations
and Management)department/ School of Business. 

The survey is 20 questions. and at the end there is a comments, questions, suggestions
section, that if you supply your email I will try to respond. The last section also
allows for you to supply an email address if you would like a short version of the
survey thesis results.

I am done hopefully after this survey with my Thesis and can graduate. It's all 
down hill after I get the results. 

Class of Summer 2004. 
Thanks Don Tran 


This is a formal request seeking
respondants to assist me to complete my MBA thesis by filling out my
online survey.

It should take about 4 minutes of your time. I am seeking and need 300 respondants
ASAP, to get a good sample. (Actually, I need as many as possible, as soon as possible,
more than 300 is fine, that's just a minimum I need).

Please feel free to assist me by referring others, to fill out this survey for me.
The only criteria is that they be in the IT/IS field. That is my target frame (for
reasons of the survey purpose). It is highly preferrable that the respondants be
in some way in the IT/IS field. This would include (software developes, coders, 
programmers also). (That's why I contacted this group via the campus website)

Please click on this link to begin the survey.

BTW, if you are unemployed, as some of us like myself are. Please fill it out as
if your were working at your last gig. 

Thanks for the help,

Don Tran

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