[nycbug-talk] Re:FreeBSD Newbie

Dan Langille dan
Thu Aug 19 21:03:19 EDT 2004

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, freebsd wrote:

> I got it connected. It seems that when I hit reply the email address is
> the address of whoever replied to me from the talk at lists.nycbug.org
> list. Is it the preferred method on this list to just reply to the
> people that reply to you directly, or is it preferred to reply to the
> address talk at lists.nycbug.org so that everyone can follow the thread? I
> know no one needs extra email in thier inbox, but sometimes everyone can
> benefit from the thread. If there is a moderator here maybe they could
> answer as I don't want to flood everyone with every response.

Use, reply-to-all.  That'll work.

> Anyway, I got the nic working, I can ping everything by IP or domain
> name, I can telnet into the machine, but I can't log in as root, is that
> a security feature of freebsd? Is there a graphic interface to look at
> all user accounts on the machine and adjust permissions?

Telnet in.  Then su to become root.

> Also in the docs I see commands such as route(8), does that mean you
> have to have a security level of 8 to use the command? Thanks,

The 8 means section 8 of the manual.  Issue this command: man man

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