[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD ISO's

Pete Wright pete
Tue Aug 24 12:06:04 EDT 2004

freebsd wrote:

>I was thinking, I am getting "Write failures" not "read failures" so does that mean anything? I would think its more a hard drive problem. Another symptom is that when it is copying from the cd it slows down to like 3kbps from like 1700kbps, then it fails. This also only happens when I try to do a full install with all the options. If I do a minimal install its ok, but I do get that "signal 11" message, but then the machine boots ok and I can log in and get on the net and eveything.

one thing to try, assuming that you have a fast internet connection, is 
installing the system via FTP from one of FreeBSD's mirror sites.  You 
will still need the cd to boot, but after that it will grab the packages 
from the net.  are you getting any errors in your "dmesg" relating to 
disk drive errors.  In a shell, I think you can type ctl+alt+f2 to get a 
shell open during install ctl+alt+f1 will get you back to the install 
screen, you can type dmesg when you see the problems arise.

>I bought this machine from rackmount.com with freebsd installed but it was 5.1, since I need 4.1 I deleted all the partitions and then installed 4.1 and thats when I started seeing these issue. I contacted rackmount.com and told them about the errors, they said they would have a tech get back to me but also that their equipment was not certified for 4.1, that seemed strange to me that they would say that its not certified with the most current release version, but that was customer service so maybe they don't know what they are talking about.

that's really wierd that not only are they supporting a development 
release of FreeBSD but an old release at that.  I'm supprised that they 
didn't ship it with at least 5.2.


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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