[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD ISO's

Pete Wright pete
Tue Aug 24 14:36:47 EDT 2004

freebsd wrote:

>I just got email from rackmount.com and they said they tested the install of 4.1 and it was flawless. They said a signal 11 was most likely a bad piece of hardware and that they are shipping me a new unit with 4.1 installed and that I have 14 days to send back the first unit to avoid being charged for a second machine. So whoever said signal 11 was a hardware issue was right on (as I assumed they were).
>Rackmount.com has been a pleasure to deal with from initial sale all the way through this issue, I can't say enough about how fast their customer service responds.
>Also having this list to bounce these newbie questions off of has been a great help and I want to send a big thanks out for all the answers and tips I have gotten so far. THANKS ALL!
hey no problem...i'm glad we could help you out!  not to be anal 
but....the release of FreeBSD that you are refering to is 4.10 correct?  
Just so you know, the latest release from that branch is 4.11  FreeBSD 
4.1 is a very old release and may confuse some people, especially if you 
are refering to 4.10.  For example, those who run into similar problems 
in the future may search our archives and may miss this thread.  It 
doesn't really matter, but i guess it's one of those 'netiquete things 
that helps everyone out in the long run.  or maybe i'm just being crazy.


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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