[nycbug-talk] Gmail

Bob Ippolito bob
Tue Aug 24 20:51:27 EDT 2004

On Aug 24, 2004, at 5:06 PM, Kevin Reiter wrote:

>>>> I have six (6) invites left.
>>> Five (5) left ...
>> 4 ...
> only 1 (one) left.  Whoever sends me a picture of their sister wearing 
> only
> a bridle and riding a unicorn will get it.
> :P
> Seriously though, only 1 (one) left.  I imagine I'll get more invites 
> in
> another week or so.  I only got 2 invites initially last week, and 
> since I
> signed up for a few mailing lists that get a lot of traffic, I might 
> get a
> bunch more in the coming weeks, so don't get miffed if I can't get you 
> one,
> 'aight?

I have 7 invites if anyone wants any and Kevin runs out..  I forward an 
account that gets 99.95% spam to gmail to see how much they can filter; 
it's usually pretty good.  I don't use it for anything else, but I 
guess I have a bunch of invites due to the sheer volume of mail that 
goes through that address.


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