[nycbug-talk] cat 5e or cat 6

alex at pilosoft.com alex
Thu Aug 26 21:03:44 EDT 2004

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, George Georgalis wrote:

> I've seen a bunch of tech specs for cat-5e and cat-6 but I haven't seen
> an end of the day summary.
> My guess is cat-6 is required for 10Gb ethernet, but cat-5e is fine for
> 1Gb ethernet? Is there more to it than that?
Common misconceptions.  Cat5 is enough for 1000baseT. There is no cat6 as
of yet. You don't need cat5e for 1000baseT. 10GE does not run over twisted 
pair as of yet.

Bottom line: At the moment, cat5 is enough for anything that is currently 
> Also what is the max recommended lengths for 1Gb ethernet? 10/100? (yes
> we have fluorescent lights...)
330ft in either case.


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