[nycbug-talk] null modem vendor...

alex at pilosoft.com alex
Fri Aug 27 12:40:46 EDT 2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004, Dave Steinberg wrote:

> I'm always scared that I'll get the wrong kind, since they seem really
> sensitive to serial layouts and cable types.  I've never actually known
> anyone who can buy them with confidence, except from an approved vendor.
There isn't a standard. That's why modular are great, configure to 
whatever vendor you have.

> Plus I don't want to sit there rewiring those tiny little things for
> hours if I do get it wrong.  If there is an elegant way to do such a
> thing, I will buy several beers for the person who shows me!  :-)
If you have large quantity, doing it manually sucks indeed. But on other 
hand, its much easier than crimping cat5 in correct colour order ;)


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