[nycbug-talk] Anyone with a contact at MSN?

Brad Schonhorst bschonhorst
Tue Jun 1 09:29:55 EDT 2004

On May 28, 2004, at 1:45 PM, Dan Langille wrote:

> Do you know someone at MSN?
> My laptop was stolen. It logs into MSN Messenger automatically.
> Yesterday I was logged out of MSN Messenger on my home desktop.  I
> suspect the thief powered on the laptop and that's why I was logged
> out of MSN Messenger.

As I just emailed my buddy at MSN, I had another thought.  If no better 
options come up, you could try to get the ip address he is using.  I 
don't use MSN but with AIM I believe you can sniff the IP address if 
you send a file over the messenger.  If you are just chatting, you only 
get the IP of AOL's chat relay, but sending a file is supposed to go 
direct.  So, you'd need a second account, and a sniffer.  Then you 
could send your old account a picture or something and grap the ip that 
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