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Tue Jun 1 10:22:51 EDT 2004

On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 05:35:04PM -0400, Harold Bush wrote:
> Folks
> I need some help making a decision. I'm moving my hosting clients from a 
> rented server in Atlanta to a  location near my office where a friend and I 
> are sharing a T1 (Wodstock NY). I have a few questions. I will be providing 
> web host/mail service for about 30 clients and am wondering whether to use 
> FreeBSD 4.10 or 5.2.1. The goal is to provide a stable hosting situation 


> that will not require a lot of work once installed. I intend to use Apache 
> and Postfix and some web mail front end not yet determined (suggestions?).

Since this is a matter of religion.. :)

> On page 70 of Greg Lehey's book "The Complete FreeBSD" he states:
> ... I now recommend:
> Make a single root file system
> Do not have a seaparate /usr file system
> Do not have a separate /var file system unless you have a good idea how big 
> it should be. A good example may be a web server, where (contrary to 
> FreeBSD's recommendations) it is a good idea to put the web pages on the 
> var file system
> This is a little confusing to me (I haven't done any Unix work since 95). 
> Can someone recommend a file structure that will support web hosting and 
> mail serving that is a known good configuration (in general)?

That is a strange recommendation. It might be ok for a personal
workstation (haven't read the book so might be missing a context).

I suggest at least: / /usr /var /tmp /home
Then, you can also make another one for web users.



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