[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD 5

Pete Wright pete
Tue Jun 1 13:08:26 EDT 2004

Hans Zaunere wrote:

>Hey all,
>Anyone have any firsthand experience with 5 in a production environment?
>I know it's not christened production yet, but figured some might have
>it out there anyway.  Of particular interest is the new threading lib.
>Anyone pound MySQL against FreeBSD 5?

I've run it in some production roles, as well as on my laptop to do 
daily sys admin type things.  it did not like my laptop at all, problems 
with the em driver (Thinkpad X31).  Running it on an SMP machine was 
pretty stable, altho GIANT has not been completely removed from the 
FreeBSD 5.x tree yet, so there are still some issues to be worked out 
performance wise.  Also, I remember this from the Bacula list, there are 
some issues with 5.x and MySQL i believe (altho that may be on 4.x).  
I'm sure Dan or someone will correct me on this one...

So yea, there are alot of fun new features to play with, altho I would 
not deem it ready for production or SMP system use yet.  Maybe around 
5.3 things will speed up.


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