[nycbug-talk] some OS X questions... XDarwin

Pete Wright pete
Tue Jun 1 20:45:30 EDT 2004

George Georgalis wrote:

>So, I did manage to get open office running, after I discovered I had
>to make a system lib keyboard directory and put a USA.keyboard file, I
>downloaded, in there, whew.  But, I wasn't about to start explaining twm
>to a novice.  So, is sawfish available? what XDarwin window managers do
>people recommend? From where? ...I don't really have an opportunity to
>experiment. It looks like there is something to interface the Mac X API
>but I couldn't get that to work, was I just missing something?
when i've ran openoffice from OSX/XFree86 i usually just opened an xterm 
then ran the app, it should be a bit quicker than running a 
windowmanager ontop of Quartz or whatever it's called.   this was with 
10.2.x releases tho, i'm not sure how it's setup now with 10.3.x
    but yes, gnome/sawfish/kde/windowmaker/etc. are pretty much all 
avail.  i use fink (fink.sf.net) altho i know other people that like 
darwinports (http://darwinports.opendarwin.org/).


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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