[nycbug-talk] virtual users and ftp/scp/rsync-ssh

Pete Wright pete
Wed Jun 2 12:13:46 EDT 2004

George Georgalis wrote:

>On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 10:47:53AM -0400, Bob Ippolito wrote:
>I tend to stick with 'traditional' installations, for a variety
>of reasons.  Trying twistedmatrix would cause a variety of site
>technical/political issues, besides the extra time to learn it...
just a question, why are you shying away from chroot'ing each of these 
users?  you can set up each jail with access only to rsync/scp/sftp etc. 
and the respective config files.  as i found with the proftp jail's, 
it's not as hard as it seems.  it just takes a bit of planning, but once 
you figure out what each user needs things should be ok.  new jails can 
even be automated with a scripting lang as well.  i do know that whith 
jailed ssh sessions there are issues with running programs like "w" and 
"ps", altho it doesn't seem like you need interactive logins....


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