[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD 5

Paul Dlug paul
Wed Jun 2 21:36:29 EDT 2004

> Thanks for the feedback everyone.  From what I've gleamed, 5 still has 
> a
> ways to go.  If anyone has a fairly loaded system under 5, I'd be
> interested in hearing more.

I'm currently running a heavily loaded tomcat server (java 1.4) on a 
5.2.1 SMP box, also running a primary OpenLDAP server on another 5.2.1 
box. I mostly chose 5.2.1 because I wanted the ULE scheduler, UFS2 with 
snapshots and some RAID hardware support that hasn't been backported to 
4.x. We were previously running 5.2.1 on our print server and some 
smaller servers without any problems. At least this way when 5.3 comes 
out we won't be redoing a box, it should be a smoother upgrade. Also 
alot of the newer hardware configurations seem to experience fewer 
problems under 5.x, especially when it comes to ACPI issues.


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