[nycbug-talk] Ldap -> mac environment

marco at metm.org marco
Thu Jun 3 09:25:29 EDT 2004

Hello all,

Thanks for a great meeting last night.  It was nice getting to know some
of you guys.  And see more of George's incredible advocacy up close and
personal :^)

I have a problem I mentioned to some of you, and as there are others on
this list who work in mixed unix/mac environments.  I thought I would

Basically I was confused about mozilla mail's ldap client support for
the address book.  Basically it sucks.  Even though internally mozilla
uses ldap/ldif files for the address book when I set up an openldap sldapd
server to serve out that same information, I found that when getting
the information from an ldap server, you can't get a listing of the
addresses, you can only do searches (searching for empty string didn't
quite work), and most importantly _you can't update the information on
the ldap server_ making my idea pretty much unuseable.  Here is a link
pretty much confirming what I found.


Before looking into what could be done to make mozilla better, I don't
have that much time these days... I was wondering if any of you had
experience in this area.  I need an ldap client through which the client
could easily maintain an contact list from mixed OS9/OSX desktops.  I am
starting to think a webapp is the only solution, but cutting and pasting
seems far less useable than a simple 'Add to AddressBook' click from the
email client.

I am physically incapable of recommending an entouage/outlook solution.
The clients have been on netscape/mozilla for years and are quite happy
with the client spam filtering.

For some reason towards the end of this email, I feel like I am asking
for the impossible.

Thanks for any ideas,


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