[nycbug-talk] kernels

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Thu Jun 3 14:52:25 EDT 2004

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 01:52:16PM -0400, Bob Ippolito wrote:
> NVidia's drivers aren't "accepted" by Linux either.  They are however 
> legally allowed to exist, and perhaps some distributions of Linux 
> include them for the convenience of the users.
> OpenBSD's license allows you to do more or less whatever you want, 
> including linking in proprietary drivers.  The reason they don't exist 
> is just because nobody has written them.  If I were to release some 
> distribution of OpenBSD, I would be allowed to include whatever 
> proprietary code I want in whatever form I so choose regardless of how 
> it's linked to other code, because the BSD license is open to such 
> scenarios.

Yes, but that would be BobBSD.

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