[nycbug-talk] kernels

Roland C. Dowdeswell elric
Thu Jun 3 17:34:10 EDT 2004

On 1086295432 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Bob Ippolito wrote:

>The security argument is kind of silly, because if that really was a 
>concern you could add a sysctl that lets you turn module loading off 
>(forever) at runtime.  So you boot up, load your modules, and turn 
>module loading off.  In practice, nobody really does this (as far as I 
>know) because only root can load kernel modules and root can do 
>whatever he wants anyway, whether or not the kernel is split into 1 or 
>1000 pieces.

There are things that you do not want to allow even root to do
without dropping into single user mode on the console.  And you
have to disable LKM loading in order to get there.  E.g. on NetBSD
in secure level > 0, root cannot grovel the PCI bus and directly
access hardware, write to immutable files, etc.

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