[nycbug-talk] kernels

Roland C. Dowdeswell elric
Thu Jun 3 18:12:30 EDT 2004

On 1086300362 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Pete Wright wrote:

>how does setting the securelevel in NetBSD work?  i'm not very familiar 
>with it :(  Is this a boot time option, or kernel compiletime option?  
>I'd assume setting security levels ala sysctl would not be the best 
>thing.  If someone get's root, then can alter sysctl parms. etc....

It's a raiseonly sysctl.  So, you don't get to lower it.

The levels are roughly described in NetBSD's init(8) man page.

The concept comes from 4.4BSD, IIRC, so it should also be present
in {Free,Open}BSD.

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