[nycbug-talk] Dan Langille Collection

G.Rosamond george
Fri Jun 4 17:41:56 EDT 2004

On Jun 4, 2004, at 2:27 PM, Dan Langille wrote:

> On 3 Jun 2004 at 21:08, G.Rosamond wrote:
>> We're up to $176.
>> payment at bsdcan.org.
> There was also another US$150 donated last night directed via Paypal
> to me.  I'm sure these came as a result of the posts to this list.
> Details at http://dan.langille.org/archives/000011.html

That's awesome Dan. . .Glad to see it's working. . .

For the record, it was Ike Levy who mentioned it to me first several 
weeks back when it first happened.

Credit to the Big I.


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