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G.Rosamond george
Sun Jun 6 13:48:04 EDT 2004

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> From: Theo de Raadt <deraadt at cvs.openbsd.org>
> Date: June 5, 2004 6:39:00 PM EDT
> To: "G. Rosamond" <george at sddi.net>
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> Subject: Re: Hackathon fundraising
>> Pleasure meeting you at BSDCan.
> Yeah.
>> I'm from NYCBUG and if you remember, we had discussed fundraising for
>> the next OpenBSD Hackathon.
>> When are you having the next one?
> It is happening in 2 weeks, in Calgary.  It's about 8 days long.
> About 50 people showing up, and we've got a room all set up.. it might
> be a bit tight, but that works out better.
>> I mentioned raising money for the
>> Hackathon at our last meeting, and we'd like to do something rather
>> than just passing a hat for the event.
>> No idea on how much we could raise, but at least knowing when the next
>> one is would assist us in planning something.
> here's a piece of the information developers are given:
> june 19 - 26, calgary, airport code YYC
> - you fly yourself to calgary, openbsd pays for the rooms
> - hacking room booked from noon on 18, to early evening on the 27
>   - setup in the afternoon of the 18th
>   - teardown afternoon/evening of 26 or morning of 27 (as need be)
> - hotel rooms are currently booked for the nights of 19-25
>   - same hotel as last year
>   - hyatt regency downtown, center st & 8th ave SW
>   - 2 people per room, it is a very nice hotel.
>   - if you want a single room, you pay half
>   - if anyone is able to pay for their own room, that would be
>     appreciated since it saves openbsd money
>   - any additional nights, you pay for yourself.
>   - if arriving early/leaving late, roomate might be less flexible
>   - some hotel rooms have dsl; it is not free: your cost if you use it.
> - bbq 4-8pm at my house, sunday the 20th.  afterwards, you can go
>   back to hacking, sleep off jetlag, or enjoy the ship (which never
>   has a lineup on sundays)
> - hikes in lake louise area sometime during the week (a day off)
>   - bring light boots/runners, light rain coat, or stores are nearby
>   - two choices: difficult (mountain climb), or steep stroll uphill
>     to a few lakes
> as i've explained many times, we really strictly make these
> 'invitation only, closed otherwise' events, so that the ideas can brew
> and people actually sit down and finish them at the hackathon.
> We'd love more funding.  As you can imagine, the hotel bill is putting
> a serious crimp on our emergency project savings.  Finacially, we
> don't yet know how we'll do a hackathon next year...

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