[nycbug-talk] secure fest: BSD on a classic VALinux server

Kevin Reiter bsd
Tue Jun 8 23:57:13 EDT 2004

> There's a freight elevator in the building if anyone else wants to bring
> a box to work on.
> Do we have any other takers?

Sure, I'm game.  I consider myself pretty much a newbie on everything except
breaking things ;-)

Are there any others from the Jersey side who are going?  I can manage
enough not to get lost going into Manhattan, but everything else is still
pretty much of a mystery to me when it comes to finding my way in NYC...
I'd be more than willing to pay for gas if somebody else could drive, and
chip in for food (sorry folks, I don't drink or I'd chip in for that as

As far as BYOB, do you have spare monitors or do we need to bring our own?


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