[nycbug-talk] secure fest: BSD on a classic VALinux server

Kevin Reiter bsd
Wed Jun 9 00:18:06 EDT 2004

> That's a good point.  It seems that the two dust collectors I have
> aren't being too responsive.  I may only have one spare.
> I'll double check tommorrow.
> As for the beer, I didn't mean to be prejudiced, it seemed from the
> meetings that beer would be a popular offering :)

I can lug a spare 15" CRT as long as I don't have to walk from Jersey to
Bkln with it ;-)  Either that or I can bring my laptop with a handy-dandy
new drive reserved for FreeBSD (sorry Dan!)

As for the beer, I'm by no means a prude - I gave it up years ago, but that
doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching others getting shitfaced (just as long
as they don't spill it on me :)

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