[nycbug-talk] VoIP service providers

Bob Ippolito bob
Wed Jun 9 14:05:50 EDT 2004

I remember a few of you mentioning that you use VoIP PSTN gateway 
services, but I don't recall which providers were mentioned.  It would 
be cool to compile a list of providers and what the costs are.  Here 
are a few off the top of my head:

Packet8 - http://www.packet8.net/ - $19.99/mo unlimited US
Vonage - http://www.vonage.com/ - $29.99/mo unlimited US
Coloco - http://www.coloco.com/telecom/index.php - (No listed prices, 
but the divmod guys are reselling this.  I could ask them.)
iConnectHere - http://iconnecthere.com/ - ~$0.01-$0.035 per minute 
depending on how much you pay per month

Any others worth mentioning?

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