[nycbug-talk] Friday night Directions

G. Rosamond george
Thu Jun 10 10:01:23 EDT 2004


>Didn't mean to make it or not based on you.  
>But as much as I imagine you would like help delegating this...
>you are the heart of nycbug ;)  

it's all you marco. . .all you. . .i'm just a bystander on this.

>Rather than ping-pong things around, I'm going to say, I'll be home
>tommorrow night with beers and some plan for getting food.  Installing
>or tweaking FreeBSD on my recently acquired VALinux server.  Anyone who
>wants to drop by is welcome to do so, and welcome to bring a box for an
>install or just chill.

Anything else needed?  Who else is on?


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