[nycbug-talk] Help getting FreeBSD current to boot (5.2.1 release does work)

Jonathan jonathan.michael.stewart
Sun Jun 13 11:44:16 EDT 2004

Dan Langille wrote:

> On 13 Jun 2004 at 11:08, Jonathan wrote:
>>Wold anyone be willing to help me get a -current kernel to boot on my 
>>computer?  As the subject says 5.2.1-release boots fine but any recent 
>>(within a month +) -current fails to boot successfully.  I can test any 
>>patches etc. the machine is just sitting right now while I try to get it 
>>to work.  I don't have a null modem cable and really don't want to pay 
>>Radioshack prices for one but I will if I need to.  I'm located on FT 
>>Drum if anyone is willing to help in person and lives nearby or knows 
>>someone nearby who may help.  I'd really like to get FreeBSD -current 
>>running because I want to stick with 5.x and 5.2.1 release has several 
>>known security issues.  I will probably switch to -stable when it 
>>becomes 5-stable.
> Have you tried patching instead of upgrading?

Well, I suppose I could do that but I like doing things the hard way ;) 
  that is definitely an option though. I would like to help work out 
whatever bugs are causing the problems if feasible.  I'm not a great 
coder especially in C and C++ but I do want to contribute to the 
project.  I guess you could say I'm volunteering to be an "alpha" tester.


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