[nycbug-talk] August Meeting

marco at metm.org marco
Mon Jun 14 09:57:57 EDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 09:45:32AM -0400, Sunny Dubey wrote:
> I suggest Xvid+Ogg/Vorbis (aka, the .ogm extension), both are great open 
> source technologies, great compression schemes, and even the warez kiddies 
> love the above combination, heh

I agree with Sunny,

Use superior open source technology people will follow. These codecs are
available for all platforms (though may require a download) but we're
talking about people who want to see a Bsd talk.  I would prefer ogg
compression, but AAC is also possible, and would give us access to more
installations (one less codec to download).

BTW I used VLC on OSX to playback a video file for an installation that
had to run off an IBook, because Apple decided to cripple Quicktime and
remove the full screen playback function... bastards...


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