[nycbug-talk] August Meeting

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Mon Jun 14 12:23:53 EDT 2004

On Monday 14 June 2004 12:00 pm, Bob Ippolito wrote:
> On Jun 14, 2004, at 9:57 AM, marco at metm.org wrote:
> > BTW I used VLC on OSX to playback a video file for an installation that
> > had to run off an IBook, because Apple decided to cripple Quicktime and
> > remove the full screen playback function... bastards...
> Full screen playback is one of the benefits of the registered version,
> cheap bastard :)

Full screen should be a basic feature. ?Stupid crapple.

I switched my gf to Mplayer-OSX a long long time ago. ?Quicktime was more 
like AnnoyingTime because it doesn't play dvix/mp3 movies natively. ?
Instead she would have to use the dvix.com tool [1] to modify the movie so 
she could play it.

Mplayer-OSX doesn't need no conversion, nor does it charge you for a basic 
feature. (its OSS too)

Sunny Dubey

[1] ?

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