[nycbug-talk] Soekris

Pete Wright pete
Tue Jun 15 10:20:05 EDT 2004

Hey all,
    So the time has some to get these soekris boxen I think.  here is 
the link again:


    The net4801 looks quite appealing to me, what do you all think?  If 
we can get 5 or more people to purchase one of the boxes then they will 
only cost $246 each.  That's the board with a case and power supply.  
Here is a quick description:

net4801-50: 266 Mhz CPU, 128 Mbyte SDRAM, 3 Ethernet, 2 serial, USB 
connector, CF socket, 44 pins IDE connector, 1 Mini-PCI socket, 3.3V PCI 

For a while I was looking at an Ultra5 off e-bay to act as my new 
firewall, yet after getting the extra NIC's I think this works out to be 
a better deal, not to mention the power savings.  And you get to learn 
how to install and run BSD on a Compact Flash device!  Which reminds me, 
if we do get a group to go in on this we should have a install/hack fest 
once these things come in.  I imagine that could be a bit of fun too.

So, what do you all think?


Pete Wright
email:  pete at nomadlogic.org
mobile: 917.415.9866
web:    www.nomadlogic.org/~pete

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