[nycbug-talk] Soekris

Pete Wright pete
Tue Jun 15 10:43:36 EDT 2004

lists wrote:

>> Which reminds me, if we do get a group to go in on this we should 
>> have a install/hack fest once these things come in.  I imagine that 
>> could be a bit of fun too.
> I'll come to the workshop even if I don't buy one.

awesome, i think it would be a great time for everyone...

> Are you thinking this summer or later in the fall?

 I'd like to do it pretty soon.  my apartment is hot enough as it is, so 
i'd love to get a smaller, more efficient firewall up before it get's 
real hot in the city.  i am also going to send an email to soekris to 
see if we (nycbug'ers) qualify for any additional discounts, so i'll 
keep everyone posted.


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