[nycbug-talk] IRC

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Jun 16 12:53:55 EDT 2004

Hey Pete,

On Jun 16, 2004, at 11:40 AM, Pete Wright wrote:

> i remember a while back that #nycbug was running on efnet, well i just 
> logged in and am sitting on that channell right now.   i am not a big 
> IRC user, but thought it might be a fun way to wate time at work :)  
> in any event i'm there now so swing by!  oh yea,. and if any more 
> experienced IRC folks want to move to another network or admin the 
> channell that'd be cool too!

What's the server url again?

  server: ?.efnet.something
channel: nycbug

I'll be there as fast as I can find it.


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