[nycbug-talk] IRC revisited

Pete Wright pete
Wed Jun 16 18:07:53 EDT 2004

hey all,
    So from what i've gathered on IRC and the list today it seems like a 
good amount of people like freenode.net.  i've also used it in the past 
for various projects.  right now on irc.freenode.net there are a couple 
people online.  so i guess what i'm saying is that i think we should 
make irc.freenode.net our new IRC home.  ike has provided me with a good 
link to other groups represented on freenode.net here:


looks like we are in good company here.  anyway, i don't want to start a 
flame fest over this so if people have really good reasons why we 
shouldn't be using freenode you should probably let them be known.  
otherwise let's just make a decision and stick with it.
    In any event right now we have #nycbug running on efnet and 
freenode, so come online and join the fun!

also i'd like to thank all the people that offered private servers for 
our use.  that's great!  thanks!  but i think for our public forum we 
should go with a public IRC server.  but just because we are not going 
to use a private server as our main presence on IRC doesn't mean we 
wouldn't shouldn't play with other tech. like jabber and silcnet ;)


Pete Wright
email:  pete at nomadlogic.org
mobile: 917.415.9866
web:    www.nomadlogic.org/~pete

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