[nycbug-talk] IRC revisited

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Thu Jun 17 02:38:23 EDT 2004

On Thursday 17 June 2004 02:33 am, Sunny Dubey wrote:
>  (which is over the 120 days
> /nick expiration period Freenode policy states.  When a /nick is
> registered, so are all the channels that were registered with it, meaning
> #nycbug no longer becomes a registered channel).

totally sorry, that entire sentence was completely wrong.  What I mean to 
say is:

When a /nick is DEregistered, the channels registered with it become 
DEregistered as well.  Meaning that if "crohnik" is deregistered because he 
hasn't been seen on IRC for a while, #nycbug also becomes DEregistered.  
(whch means that people can talk in it and stuff, but no one can take 
control of the channel if an issue or event happens.)

Sunny Dubey

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