[nycbug-talk] CF card for soekris boxen

Kurt Miller truk
Fri Jun 18 13:54:17 EDT 2004

From: "Isaac Levy" <ike at lesmuug.org>
> Hi all,
> Thought I'd put a shout out to the list, was just pricing CF cards that  
> would work as HD for the soekris boards, and found these inexpensive,  
> nice looking, 2.2gig cards for around $160 each- (The 4gb cards'  
> prices, forgeddaboutit' IMHO)

I'd be careful about buying microdrives for soekris. I'm currently
experiencing a problem with the 1GB IBM Microdrive. It causes
the soekris BIOS to think there is a second drive in the unit when
there isn't. Usually causes the soekris to crash hard upon reboot.
Power cycling the unit gets a good boot. OTOH, my 2GB Hitachi
microdrive works ok. Probably worth it to ask to see if anyone is
using the microdrive successfully on soekris-tech before buying.

I've decided to go with a 512MB flash card for my soekris 
firewall. 512MB is enough for a 'normal' OpenBSD install less 
games.tgz and x*.tgz. I've haven't setup the mfs stuff yet but
will do as soon as the flash card comes in (still using the 

For another soekris I'm waiting for a 64MB CF and USB hard 
drive to arrive to build a email virus/spam gateway. 64MB for the
root partition and the rest on the USB drive. Unfortunately, the 4801
can't boot off a USB drive, but a 64MB CF is < $30.


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