[nycbug-talk] Microsoft VirtualPC for Mac

Okan Demirmen okan
Fri Jun 18 14:56:41 EDT 2004

On Fri 2004.06.18 at 14:42 -0400, marco at metm.org wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 18, 2004 at 02:03:42PM -0400, Kurt Miller wrote:
> > I'm looking to replace my aging Vaio and am seriously considering
> > a Mac. The one thing I will miss the most is VMWare. I use it on
> > my laptop to work on OpenBSD ports while traveling. I think it
> > would be fantastic if I could use Microsoft VirtualPC for Mac to
> > run OpenBSD/i386. Anyone here tried it yet?
> > 
> > http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/virtualpc/virtualpc.aspx?pid=virtualpc
> > 
> KISS principle.

Sure, KISS. Though I must admit, I've considered Virtual PC as well.
As much as I love running OpenBSD on my powerbook and i386 laptop,
this industry forces me into using Windows apps such as Visio and
Remedy and all the shit Cisco clients, etc, etc, etc. Having to
reboot my i386 box back and forth is a pain. Eliminating one variable,
by emulating it, is a good alternative, and why not on my fastest
machine, my powerbook, though OSX is considerable slower than when
OpenBSD is running. Frankly, I am so annoyed about the disk
requirements of Windows and its apps that every few months I have
to squeeze more room from my BSD paritions to give to Windows, which
isn't trivial with screwing up both installs.  Emulating helps.

/end rant


> I've got to wonder why you would give yourself the headache of trying to
> run two emulation environments. When you could run OpenBSD native on
> another laptop.  Of course you could also run another free ppc os on your
> iBook like I do.

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