[nycbug-talk] Microsoft VirtualPC for Mac

Kurt Miller truk
Fri Jun 18 16:00:53 EDT 2004

From: "Pete Wright" <pete at nomadlogic.org>
> Kurt Miller wrote:
> >
> >I'm thinking/hoping with the Mac and the Microsoft Virtual PC, I
> >could get the best of all worlds (OS X, Windows development, 
> >OpenBSD development). Best of all I would get to dump windows
> >for my day to day usage. ;)
> >  
> >
> not to knock PowerBooks, but it may be worth looking at a ThinkPad.  
> I've got a real nice X31 that seems to have *most* of the features one 
> would expect from a PowerBook at roughly the same cost.  That is unless 
> you are doing some stuff specific to PPC devel, or you really love OSX 
> (which is a really valid point IMO).  This way you can run oBSD on it, 
> then run Win in vmware, or use wine for specific apps even.  dunno just 
> throwing ideas out.
> hth
> -p

Thanks for the ideas and Bob too. I guess I'd like to go the OS X route
for my day to day instead of OpenBSD because I don't want to maintain
all my desktop apps myself. I'm supposing the learning curve would be 
much less if I don't have to figure out how to install, configure and maintain
all the basic apps myself. Plus if OpenBSD works well in VirtualPC for 
Mac, I can continue to work on the Java ports (i386 only) for OpenBSD. 


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