[nycbug-talk] tar question

Pete Wright pete
Sat Jun 19 20:34:29 EDT 2004

Okan Demirmen wrote:

>On Sat 2004.06.19 at 18:39 -0500, Pete Wright wrote:
>>I have a wierd question about "tar".  how is the order of what it put 
>>into the archive dictated?  I assumed it was alphabetic, but I've been 
>>putting a file to tape and is not in alpha order.  It's not like it 
>>matters really but I was woundering if anyone has some insight to this.  
>>the man page does not shed any light into this.
>should be order of addition to archive file.

understood, but I just tar'd a dir with about 300-400 dirs/files in it.  
so if i tar ala:

tar cvf /dev/nsa0 /path/to/foo/

I noticed that the things were not in alpha order.  I double checked the 
output and it didn't look like any pattern, unless it was by size maybe, 
but i don't think that was the case either.  i also would have thought 
that it would be in the same pattern as when you do a "ls" (i.e. 
letters/case/alpha etc).  that wasn't the case either...wierd


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