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Below you will find a list of select new titles to be released in June and July.  For a complete listing of our books, please visit our Website at http://www.osborne.com. 

Consumer Technology:

How to Do Everything with Your Dell DJ by Dave Johnson & Rick Broida
ISBN: 0-07-225550-1; 304 pages; $24.99
The authors share tips, little known tricks, and expert advice on digital music management and explain how to download and rip music, organize tracks, play music in your car, and use the device for live-DJ parties.  They show how to build a music library from Internet downloads, organize tracks by artist, genre, or specialized play lists, and back up old LPs, cassettes, and other formats as digital files then copy them over to the Dell DJ. 

Mac OS X Panther QuickSteps by Guy Hart-Davis
ISBN: 0-07-225505-6; 240 pages; $16.99
This book covers everything the beginning to intermediate user needs to know about Mac OS X.  It focuses on just the steps users need to know to immediately accomplish their goals.  More than 100 essential tasks are explained! 

Personal Computing Demystified by Larry Long
ISBN: 0-07-225514-5; 300 pages; $19.95
This easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide walks its readers through each task they need to complete without using unnecessary technical language.  Larry Long explains how to network multiple PCs, store photos, download music, and much more.

Maya 6: The Complete Reference by Tom Meade & Shinsaku Arima
ISBN: 0-07-222718-4; 672 pages; $59.99
The expert authors offer detailed coverage of Maya 6 including advanced texturing and post-production rendering techniques and dynamics.  Step-by-step tutorials show users how to put Maya tools into action, such as producing brilliant content for film and TV, video games, Web design, and print.  A special 16-page color insert showcases impressive computer graphics, plus the bonus CD-ROM features sample files supporting the tutorials.


Carl Young's Adobe Acrobat 6.0: Getting Professional Results from Your PDFs by Carl Young
ISBN: 0-07-223138-6; 400 pages; $34.99
Written by the producer of the PDF Conference, this book explains new features, how to package multimedia elements such as movies and sound files into a PDF and secure PDFs for trustworthy interdepartmental communication, and gives example Acrobat Java Scripts to add interactivity to PDFs.  Readers will learn the most common mistakes users make when creating PDFs, and how to prevent such errors.  Both Acrobat 6.0 Professional and Standard are covered in the book, and keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac OS X are included.

JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Second Edition by Thomas Powell & Fritz Schneider
ISBN: 0-07-225357-6; 1008 pages; $39.99
This book provides up to date JavaScript 2.0 coverage, including the latest features to use to make developing JavaScript easier and more flexible.  The authors explain JavaScript principles and show how to develop advanced JavaScript skills.  Sample code is included to lay the groundwork for projects.


Effective Oracle Database 10g Security by Design by David Knox
ISBN: 0-07-223130-0; 560 pages; $59.99
Oracle security expert David Knox explains how to design and develop an integrated, secure Oracle environment.  Recommendations, best practices, and code examples lead the reader through examples that illustrate how to build secure applications.

Oracle Database 10g XML & SQL: Design, Build & Manage XML Applications in Java, C, C++ & PL/SQL by Mark Scardina, Ben Chang & Jinyu Wang
ISBN: 0-07-222952-7; 656 pages; $59.99
Written by members of the Oracle XML group, this is a must-have reference for all IT managers, DBAs, and developers who want to learn the best practices for using XML with Oracle's XML-enabled products.  Includes real-world case studies based on the authors' experiences managing Oracle's XML Discussion Forum - a community of more than 20,000 XML component users.

Oracle Wait Interface: A Practical Guide to Performance Diagnostic & Tuning by Richmond Shee, Kirtikumar Deshpande, & K. Gopalakrishnan
ISBN: 0-07-222729-X; 384 pages; $49.99
This Oracle Press guide explains how to take full advantage of the revolutionary OWI to quickly pinpoint and solve core problems and bottlenecks and increase productivity exponentially.  Covers Oracle Database Releases 7.x, 8i, 9i, and 10g.  

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services by Brian Larson
ISBN: 0-07-223216-1; 656 pages; $49.99
Written by a member of the development team, this hands-on guide covers everything from installation to administration and shows how to create visually appealing reports with ease and accuracy.  It discusses how to extract data using Query Builder, master key tools such as the Report Wizard and Report Manager, and more.

MySQL: Essential Skills by John Horn & Michael Grey
ISBN: 0-07-225513-7; 384 pages; $29.99
This book explains how to set up a MySQL database on Windows or Linux, how to create a database with tables, load data into the tables, and generate basic and advanced reports.  The authors provide details on how to administer, secure, and back up a database and import data from other programs, and much more.

Crystal Reports 10: The Complete Reference by George Peck
ISBN: 0-07-223166-1; 880 pages; $49.99
George Peck shares vital advice and tips on how to best utilize Crystal Reports features to analyze data.  He explains the entire spectrum of Crystal Reports - from how to develop, design and build a simple report to in-depth information on more complex features such as Crystal Server Pages and integrating Crystal Reports into Visual Basic.NET.


HTI+ Home Technology Integrator and CEDIA All-in-One Exam Guide by Helen Heneveld & Ron Gilster
ISBN: 0-07-223132-7; 1008 pages; $69.99
Approved by CompTIA, this is a comprehensive on the job resource for professional installers of home automation technology.  It provides 100% coverage of all exam objectives for CompTIA's HTI+ Certification and CEDIA's Installer Level I exam.  

CWAP Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Official Study Guide (Exam PW 0-30) by Planet3 Wireless
ISBN: 0-07-225585-4; 576 pages; $74.99
This book provides the inside track on this brand new certification - Certified Wireless Analysis Professional - for wireless networking, a burgeoning technology.  Written by Planet3 Wireless, the company that created the CWAP certification, this official guide provides 100% complete, in-depth exam coverage.


Cisco: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition by Toby Velte
ISBN: 0-07-225635-4; 784 pages; $39.99
The third edition has been updated to cover Cisco technologies and new products including Cisco PIX Firewall, new IOS (12.3), new VoIP gear, mature VPN and wireless devices and more!  For those interested in pursuing Cisco certification, this book will also serve as a solid introduction to the networking industry and related technology.



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