[nycbug-talk] CACERTs

Kit Halsted kit
Wed Jun 30 13:42:19 EDT 2004

At 12:52 PM -0400 6/30/04, Sunny Dubey wrote:

>These are *approximate* directions!
>R/W: *RECOMMENDED*  Take the R/W lines to the "Prince st" station.  Exit the
>train station and walk east on Prince st.
>B/D/F/V:  Take B/D/F/V lines to "Broadway-Lafayette st".  Walk east on
>Houston st until you hit Broadway.  Walk south on Broadway for a single
>block to Prince st.  Walk east on Prince st.
>C/E:  Take C/E lines to "Spring st".  Walk west on Spring st, until you hit
>West-Broadway.  Walk north on West-Boardway for a single block to Prince
>st.  Once on Prince st, walk west.

Umm, these directions all point *away* from the same place... Walk 
east from the east side & west from the west side?

Is this the Apple store? If so, it's 2 blocks west of Broadway on Prince.


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