[nycbug-talk] brief USENIX report

G.Rosamond george
Wed Jun 30 18:51:26 EDT 2004

Well, Jesse and I have been in Boston at USENIX since early Monday 

Jesse is heading back to NYC tonight, and I'll be here until Friday.

We have only some a little time in the meetings.  Last nights meeting 
by Kirk McKusick and Pete Salus about the history of UNIX was the only 
full meeting I have personally attended so far. . .and it was 
brilliant.  Lots of stuff on the earlier notions of 'open source' 
development with programs such as vi, the legal BSD battles, etc.

We have gotten to know so so many people.  Great conversations with 
Michael Lucas, Eric Allman, Scott Long of FBSD, Bosco of FBSD, Andrew 
who lives in Queens and is a NetBSD developer. . .so many very cool 

Since we were in the publisher's area with BSDMall/DN, we were with 
Addison Wesley, ORA and No Starch.  We had many extended discussions 
with all of the publishers.

We hopefully can have Kirk McKusick do a special meeting in October, 
when he's in the city. . .it will coincide with the updating of The 
Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System. . .being 
released by Addison Wesley in the next couple of months.

Everyone who has an iBook or a PowerBook now has a Daemon sticker. . 
.of course.

Jesse spent some quality time with Daryl, a NetBSD developer, trying to 
dual boot his OSX PowerBook with NetBSD, and is just caught up with 
keyboard issues.

Anyway, sorry that more of you couldn't make it, but we'll be sure to 
fill you in. . .We have a box of the USENIX magazines for distribution 
at the next meeting. . .


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