[nycbug-talk] OT: reverse DNS

Mikel King mikel.king
Fri Oct 1 06:33:54 EDT 2004

Asked them to swipe the block to your name servers, which technically 
they are supposed to do, but most isp just don't bother unless the 
client explicitly requests is. This is similar to updating your NIC 
record when transfering from one set of primary nameservers to another.  
If they have their own block of ips assigned to them by arin then they 
are required to do this anyway, but since arin lacks the resources to 
check everyone it usually slides.

oh and sorry bout the top post but cell phones only pull a little bit of 
the message at a time, and cell phone b/w = $.

michael wrote:

>Sorry, this is off-topic, but I figured someone would know..
>Our ISP has assigned us a block of IP's.  
>I need reverse DNS calls to be resolved by our DNS server.
>What are the industry key words to use so they understand the request
>the first time?
>Thanks in advance,

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