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Cute, that was littered with wget progress indicators!

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 02:05:30AM -0400, George Georgalis wrote:
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><title>The Kvikkalkul Programming Language</title>
><body bgcolor=#cccccc text=#000000 link=#0000ff vlink=#000099>
><center><h1>The Kvikkalkul Programming Language</h1></center>
>Article 41828 of alt.folklore.computers:
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>From: an31517 at anon.penet.fi
>Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 08:06:43 UTC
>Subject: REPOST: kvikkalkul
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>Note: this message contains top secret information of the Swedish Navy.
>      Possession of this information in Sweden can (and will in most cases)
>      lead to Capital Punishment. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS INFORMATION
>      TO SWEDEN!!! 
>When I worked for the Swedish Navy in 1957 as a programmer, my task was to
>write programs for the SABINA computer, one of the first transistorised
>computers in the world, manufactured by SAAB for use on Swedish submarines.
>The computer was located on a test facility in Karlskrona, the Swedish 
>Navy base. All programming was done in a funky language called 'kvikkalkul',
>a language that makes Assembler (or even INTERCAL) look friendly. 
>The mere exis
>    0K .tence of SABINA and the programming language 'kvikkalkul' was and

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