[nycbug-talk] ports systems. . .

G.Rosamond george
Sat Sep 4 01:21:57 EDT 2004

<not an attempt at starting a flame war>

Ike and I had a long discussion this evening about ports systems. . .

Certainly a ports system that operates on multiple platforms is 

The clear choices in the discussion are Darwin Ports v NetBSD's pkgsrc.

darwin ports only has 1790 ports at this point, while pkgsrc has 4948.

darwin ports operates on 4 platforms, pkgsrc runs on 10.

Certainly, the simplification of ports across platforms would be hugely 
beneficial, although it would be hard to argue against the quantity 
available with FBSD's ports.  Widespread use with multiple platforms 
could mean better auditing outside of that done by the developers, plus 
other benefits, of course.

Who is using Darwin ports on platforms other than OS X?  Who is using 
pkgsrc on platforms other than NetBSD?  I know Marc S had some insight 
on pkgsrc, and expressed utter delight. . .

Again, this isn't about starting a flame war, but maybe we could even 
begin to articulate the strengths and shortcomings of both ports 


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