[nycbug-talk] jail party

George Georgalis george
Mon Sep 6 10:15:28 EDT 2004

some random notes from the irc jail party....


> ok, so I made a little wooden frame, and took this picture of jesus mary and joseph, that had
>  fiber-optic light thingies in it,
> and wired it to leds for the blinkenlights-
> so now jesus is the power led,
> mary is the wifi acitvity led,
> and joseph is the ethernet led

ifconfig inet tx0 add netmask

guess the focus is on freebsd devfs vs acl for devices on 4.x and 5.x

This morning I found this re using usb keyboards on dragonfly,

Apparently a usb kbd was needed when the jail box got hosed, a dragonfly
1.0A cd was booted (with ps2 kbd) to fix but then it couldn't mount the
FreeBSD 5.x UFS2 filesystems. so I guess the box was reinstalled on

Pete started us off with a start_jail script; but there are still some
problems to work through.
1) we can't make ip aliases on the rot box with sudo, apparently need be root
2) in the jail we can see all the partitions of the root box
3) exactly what needs be done to 'boot' the jail is in the air
4) I probably missed important things

Thanks to Ike for hosting the party! Check IRC if it's still on...
#nycbug on irc.freenode.net

// George

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