[nycbug-talk] RAID controllers - what doesn't suck?

O_Sleep o_sleep
Mon Sep 13 22:32:01 EDT 2004

Hi Charles,

> What brand of drives are you running?

I am not positive but I think they are Seagates.  It's hardware raid so 
freebsd doesn't know, aacli doesn't say, and the info on dell's site 
considers it a "dell" drive with a dell part number.  "Dell" drives are 
whoever they have a contract with, and I believe around the time we 
bought these drives they had a contract with Seagate.

> For minimal management tasks without going into "SMOR", I use the 
> raidutil client, which is supplied by Adaptec.   It's one application 
> that I wish had the MS-like "Are you sure (y/n)?" prompt when you do 
> something stupid like typo "rebuild" when you mean "build". :)

You are using an I20 adapter?


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