[nycbug-talk] Merchant Accounts

Dan Langille dan
Tue Sep 14 22:19:18 EDT 2004

On 14 Sep 2004 at 22:17, Kevin Reiter wrote:

> I know this is completely off-list, but has anyone ever found anything in
> the way of a good merchant service company?  I was (well, still am until
> tomorrow) using American Paywise, but I'm tired of the BS they've been
> trying to spoon feed me, especially when it comes to getting ecommerce
> setup.  I'm not doing the PayPal thing, except for webhosting (until I get
> the ecommerce thing online) - I'm looking for anyone who's had a good
> experience with an actual merchant service company.

I have used nstarsolutions.com since 1997.  I am not sure they do 
what you want, but they do what I want.  They collect and the process 
credit card payments and send me a cheque.

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