[nycbug-talk] Merchant Accounts

Kevin Reiter tux
Tue Sep 14 23:34:26 EDT 2004

: Eh, then just submit transactions to your bank via CCVS and dialup. Ask
: your bank for the "800 number" to submit transactions and the "protocol"
: (CCVS supports whole bunch of them, omaha, nabanco, stlouis, atlanta,
: vital, gensar, nova).
: http://www.redhat.com/certifications.html
: CCVS has all the nice Perl APIs and all.

You can do that?  Hmm..  I'll be calling them in the morning then :)

: Frontend *to* authorize.net? authorize.net *is* a front end. You can
: interface to it using Perl, Java, using their "virtual terminal" to enter
: transactions or you can do their "Simple Integration" or advanced
: integration (http://www.authorizenet.com/solutions/) if you want them to
: do the HTML for you.

OK, I worded that all wrong.  I'm just in a very bad mood right now after
all the BS with my processing company tonight.  I think I'll go play some
Doom3 and relax for a bit and start off fresh tomorrow.

Thanks for all the info :)


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