[nycbug-talk] Items for Sale

pete wright pete
Thu Sep 16 20:14:57 EDT 2004

Hey all,
	So i've got some old computer stuff for sale before my move.  Here's 
the list:

1 SUN 19" monitor
1 QMS 17" monitor
1 IBM thinkpad X23
1 Nintendo 64 + some games and 2 controllers
1 Samsung air conditioner
1 Apple powermac G4 power supply (unit was replaced with a more quite 
version from apple)
1 SGI PC compatible keyboard (it's one of those big old school one's)
1 Penguin Computing T-Shirt (still in bag...let's just say it's free 
for whoever wants it ;)

I think that's about it, I really don't want to much $$ for any of this 
like $25 for the Sun monitor etc...email me off list if anyone is 


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org
freenode.net: nomadlogic_

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