[nycbug-talk] nycbug library

John Bacall john
Mon Sep 20 01:28:02 EDT 2004

On Sunday 19 September 2004 09:20 am, Dru wrote:
> It actually turned out to be 2 very full cartons. Will be good to see them
> put to good use.

Most useful thing to do, aside from bringing them bad used boys down 
(knowledge knows no fresh-ink-only smell =) is post their ISBN numbers. 
Lickety split, little muss, and an amazon book search later I/you/they can 
post a list of what you have. Easy to pick and choose or pre-reserve(?) what 
folks want, I think. Save Rocket's back ('zup Yo) too. 8)

Sh_t, I still have to make it down TO get that copy of "BSD Hacks", as I told 
Gee months ago I would, and write that review.

McKusick this October(fest), ay? Well alreeee, if you had a copy of an old 
McKusick book, I'd take that, Dru, indeedy. Be well, all.

   John [who hasn't checked his mail in ~two months, and has been on vacation]

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