[nycbug-talk] Re: BSD Success Stories (fwd)

George Georgalis george
Thu Sep 23 21:38:11 EDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 07:51:50PM -0400, Dru wrote:
>O'Reilly's response and this company's response should be a very big 
>wakeup call to anyone interested in BSD. I won't be posting to advocacy 
>until my double-shifts are over next Thursday. I need time to think and 
>rest so I won't be overly irritated when that advocacy thread fizzles into 

Just send the big companies my way, I'll bill em a bundle and have the
tests ready before the students show up!

Seriously though, there should be a ton of e-educational orgs that can
research and initiate a BSD-admin cert in under 6 months, and make a
better one next year. Course student presence would be required for a
separate BSD-hw/install cert.

Maybe the big corps would like that, it could start cheap and get
expensive when gains reputation -- corp quality of graduates being
curriculum criteria.

Well anyway, what I really wanted to post about was the BSD book
buying audience.  I don't think it will really hit a critical mass,
sorry. Think about it, who buys Linux books? People from windows who are
new to command line, info and man pages; and advanced admins, who somehow
also have time to read a book too. But look at the BSD user/admin, they
already know some kind of shell and are good at using electronic doc,
and happy they don't have to look at info pages. Nobody starts out with
BSD, right?

I could be all wrong, but these are my observations. That said, BSD
Hacks is pretty cool, soon I'll find it and my review, in one of my book
boxes (I just moved) and post it to the nycbug site!

// George

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