[nycbug-talk] Re: BSD Success Stories (fwd)

Zoran Perkov zperkov
Fri Sep 24 02:30:49 EDT 2004

> Many of the employees requested that the company pay for a FreeBSD course.
> The execs were willing and wanted to know the name of the BSD certifications
> that were available. Their training budget is related to certifications:
> no certification, no training money...

New Jersey Institute of Technology offers some online courses that
lead to a "professional development certification in the FreeBSD
Operating System"

COMP 800 Fundamentals of Open source Operating Systems (4.4 BSD)

COMP 801 Open Source (FreeBSD) Unix Administration 1

COMP 802 Open Source (FreeBSD) Unix Administration II

I'm not sure what the certificate is all about nor do i know anyone who has
experienced these courses but it could justify some training money.


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