[nycbug-talk] BSD comparisons to Solaris (slashed)

Isaac Levy ike
Tue Sep 28 03:31:43 EDT 2004

Hi All, <cough> Marc read this </cough>

I was skimming slashdot this morning, and saw what I thought would be a  
noisy FUD-fight, but turned out to be an interesting skim-

This article, makes me think of wanting to write down a list of ways  
that the BSD's shine or openly fill in these areas, and would love any  
pointers to any specifics that folks may know...

A post re. Solaris vs. Linux gave rise to a blogger who works for Sun,  
going through what he felt was more of a comparison, than a fight- and  
discusses Sun priorities, in lieu of large enterprise clients.
Since I'm not a serious SUN/Solaris user, (i.e. I've done some specific  
app dev. on it, eons ago even-) I was wondering as I read this-

How do the BSD's directly compare to some of the cooler and more mature  
features of Solaris?

 From the article, I'm specifically speaking about the following issues:

   - Reliability - the claims made make Solaris seem to easily manage  
issues like recovery from memory corruption etc...

   - Servicability - Hardware Integration issues seem to make this  
tougher for X86 in general, insomuch as the Sun hardware is directly  
linked to the Software- (something I've experienced personally to be  
delightful with Apple/OSXServer systems)

   - Observability - The author explains DTrace, and puts it a context  
for use that I'd think the ancient KTrace is the BSD equivalent?  (This  
point of the Author, to me, seemed to be something I could directly  
relate to in the BSD world where ).

   - Resource Management- 'control memory and CPU shares, IPC tunables,  
and a variety of other constraints on a per-process basis', what's the  
BSD equivalents for this?

Now I'm not wanting to even touch the Solaris vs. Linux issue here with  
a 10 foot pole, not on this list especially- insomuch as some of the  
Linux hardcores I've known tend to wrap their own utilities to fulfill  
these kinds of functions.  But where do we, with BSD's have this kind  
of thing built-in?

The article is here:

The slashdot post is:


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